Sustainable practices

All of our grower partners have a strong history and adhere to sustainable growing practices, traceability and all food safety requirements and regulations. The EverMore customer understands that being good stewards of the land isn’t just a good idea, it makes good business sense – for the company, the growers and the consumer. But we know that taking the long view, thinking of the product as an infinite natural process, will ensure that everyone benefits over time. It may take extra steps to do things the right way, but we believe “the best views come after the hardest climbs”


Our cartons utilize 46% recycled content, and are fully recyclable. We use paper grades that meet or exceed standards, but are not wasteful; they are also manufactured locally. Even the film we use in our packaging is local and recyclable.

Farming practices

EverMore is committed to and highly invested in the best of class farming methods and cultural practices.

  • Leveraging telemetry to gather data. This allows for more informed decisions to maximize the efficiency of natural resources such as water. And, if we’re more efficient with the water, we’re more efficient with energy usage overall
  • Conserving every drop of water using state of the art drip irrigation systems
  • Increasing use of solar in the fields allows us to be off the grid during peak electrical use hours
  • We support the “good” bugs that are naturally in the fields to help combat pests, helping us to minimize the frequency of pesticide application
  • Shredding tree brush after pruning versus burning this debris
  • Re-shaking trees post-harvest to break the hatch cycle of pests
  • Strict adherence to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)
  • Our growers focus on the well-being of the people farming the pistachios and almonds, ensuring the highest levels of worker safety. Ongoing safety training also emphasizes worker health such as requiring every employee have at least two gallons of water when going into the fields.
  • A current focus is on getting all tractors to Tier 4 Final engines which will reduce key pollutants and help the air quality in the San Joaquin Valley


Our processing facilities are located in Central California where pistachios and almonds are grown. The facilities are GFSI Food Safety certified and documentation can be provided upon request.