Savory, crisp and a little sweet – the unique flavor of pistachios gives you a taste of luxury in every bite. Always fresh, always satisfying, California-grown pistachios give you nature’s best. Find your peak with EverMore.


Rich, crunchy EverMore almonds are full of flavor from the golden California sun. Responsibly grown and carefully harvested, our almonds are the healthy choice for today’s lifestyles. Snack here. Snack there. Snack anywhere.

Our Offerings 

All about EverMore pistachios and almonds Shelled, unshelled, roasted and salted, no-salt and bulk nuts for a delicious, healthy America.
EverMore brand almonds and pistachios are California grown and processed in a safe GFSI and FSMA environment. Custom packing, bulk cases and private label production are also available.

Private label capabilities
Put your brand name on our quality with private label production from EverMore. We can help you develop a unique private-label business, with everything tailored to your specifications: product choices, packaging, sizing and certifications. We can bring your business vision to life.

Please contact us to learn more about healthy, profitable EverMore products.