Our Story - Who is Evermore?

EverMore Nuts markets directly for a group of almond and pistachio growers dedicated to bringing premium nut products to market.

Proudly California Grown and processed in a safe, GFSI and FSMA approved environment, we offer pistachio and almonds in-shell and kernels, raw, roasted and salted or flavored.

With the ever- increasing emphasis on a healthy lifestyle and diet, eating pistachios and almonds are perfect for convenient and healthy snacking. 

Today’s consumer believes in self-care and EverMore almonds and pistachios provide a heart-healthy, non-GMO, no artificial ingredients, preservative-free, plant-based protein snack foods. Oh, and they taste great, too!

Our brand marketing, online presence and our dedication to the environment with sustainable farming practices and environmentally friendly packaging closes the loop, connecting to what we all expect of responsible corporate citizens.

EverMore’s brand focus is on pistachios and almonds as a clean, natural snack that is “good for you.” Our messaging is to GenX and Millennials, the largest generation in history. The 20-50 brand strategy differentiates EverMore brand nuts from current national brands.